• We are looking for experienced physical magazine raw cleaners

  • We really need some Quality Checkers so join us if you are interested

  • We plan to catch up with Sakamoto, mononofu and birdmen soon! We will do Nahona after that. 

  • Since a key member that worked on Yuragi-sou No Yuuna-san is going on a hiatus, that manga will also be stalled till that member returns. We will pick up from the latest chapter update on

Other News

  • Most of our backlog is done (except some chapters).
  • Will put out up a schedule page when its ready.

We are recruiting :

  • Japanese to English translators
  • Quality Checkers (Really need someone who can Quality Check some of our releases)
  •  Cleaners and redrawers
  • Typesetters *really need some more typesetters
  • Raw Providers (for weekly shounen jump and young jump! 
  • Designer (Someone who can help making good header images for new chapters)