• We're back online!

  • We are actively recruiting new members : Experienced Cleaners and Typesetters.

  • We are recruiting for experienced proofreaders.

  • We are looking out for anyone who can provide us HQ raws from issue #40, #41, #42 & #43 of Weekly Young Jump.

We are recruiting an artist who can help make good cover photos and banners for us!

Other news :

  • We dropped Mononofu, The reason is because Dou/Ota/Otafreek removed everyone and deleted our dropbox folder (which had all like typesetted chapters till chapter 26-27). We lost all the translations too and dont feel motivated enough to do all of it again, We will release chapter 19 in the next few days (we managed to recover that because of HazePhaze)
  • Same thing happened with Birdmen (luckily we had the translations in a seperate folder) but we managed recovered chapter 28 & 29 (thanks to D4TD and MrRaindrop)  so we will release 3 chapters as soon as chapter 27 is ready,