The Ins and Out

Thu Jan 26, 2017 by j626

So J626 asked me to write something for this without giving me a topic or a prompt. He's a funny guy, isn't he? Ah... let me grab the soap box, then.

I wake up at 1:30AM once a week, almost every week, and I've done it for the past six months or so. And I'm not alone.
It's evolved into a ritual the way the group of ten or so of us release chapters from Weekly Shounen Jump. We do it as expeditiously and at the highest level of quality that we can (formerly Black Clover and Red Sprite, now Black Clover, BNHA, and One Piece). Raws come in and we hit the ground running in the most frantic, adrenaline fueled way, but ultimately, we have a love for it.
Weekly speed release is a whole different animal from the individualistic sensibility of scanlation's typical incarnation. You don't get to complete your part on your own time—be it translating, proofreading, or editing—and send it off for the next person to deal with. Instead, we're all working off of the same files at the same time. We're forced to stay in constant communication with each other, work together, and cover for each other if something comes up. It's a process we know the steps for, but the show never fails to be different each time.
The resulting mentality is to simply “help out where ever needed,” and it shows on our credit pages that our roles can change from chapter to chapter   That mindset is something that really “makes” Jaimini's Box. We carry it into our work on regular weekly releases, our monthlies, and even in our general chat when someone just needs life advice.
I'm going to end this all with a shameless plug to please join us if you have free time. We're passionate about what we do, but also super chill, and it's always awesome hearing fresh voices.