We are being Blackmailed!?!

Mon Jan 30, 2017 by j626

So, this is the 27th time we have received threating emails from “Fanatic Fans” that want us to stop scanlating or drop manga, else they will release private information (Which is always fake).

We always record what emails we use to communicate with our fans and different groups (we use multiple alias emails), as we are extremely keen on personal/member security. Hence, we usually always know who is threatening us. All emails we receive that threat us are IP tracked, and any information that is included is analyzed to find out where the leak happened.

Trust me, We Know who sends these emails.

We usually ignore such emails since the information they use to Blackmail us is setup by us, but since the frequency has increased so much, we plan to address this here.

The latest emails that “try” to expose us:

Hey fuckers, what about quitting your work right now?

I have all the informations of one of your admins, I know where he lives and how he looks like!

I hate seeing you guys releasing same stuff that MS do... So one last advise, quit all those series this week, otherwise some fatefulness may happen with him.

Be advised.


I have few demands. I not happy with you doing series like MS. I want you stop.

When you not stop today and remove one piece, boku no hero, ghoul, nanatsu, etc from your website at february 1 then I will:

Upload your family image on many website, on reddit manga, etc. When you still not stop, I will add porno picture to you picture. Will send to you family, I have they facebook contacts. Will upload to porn sites.

When you still not stop, I will send contact info about you to Viz lawyer, very easy. Will also send this to Viz:  k3y EMAIL REDACTED yes? He make money with manga, much money with company. I will show to reddit and world what you do.

Remove series you stole from MS. Stop work on them. You still do black clover and other series, but no more. Do no tell anyone about why, just say you change mind because it better for community. That is truth, by the way. I find out everything.

Understood? Do not reply, I will not look at email. Just do like I say and no problem.


Please stop releasing manga youre quality is shit. all you do it make it harder for better groups to releaseing things. If not I shall post info



If You can continue  work on series that no one is doing then you ok but if keep doing things that other are already doing then I will shut your website, I DDOS your website and close it.

Then what you do,  shop now or I not gonna go easy


This has simply gone out of hand. It seems like people do not like our friendly competition with MangaStream. We have communicated with MS before in the past, and we believe we have a good understanding of the dynamics of our relationship. Emails like these do no good, other than just tear down our friendly relationship with MS by putting us in doubt.

We want to be clear. We will not drop ANYTHING, if we receive threatening emails.
We are working directly with the original teams that worked on series like TG:re, MHA and Seven deadly sins, hence, are not “Stealing” anything from anyone.

We understand that sometimes emotions get out of hand, and we are not blaming anyone personally. But if we keep on receiving emails as such, we will make a special page on our website to display every new email (and old) we have received WITH the sender included.

We will also include who we shared those emails with and how they “claim” to have found our Identities.

BTW, Yuno says:

I’ll send my real picture to them if they promise to PS me with a hot girl in a Porno…

I prefer Amateur.