100 Chapters of Black Clover released!​

Sun Mar 5, 2017 by Yunomi

You, yes you! We want to thank you for sticking with us through this humble journey of scanlating Black Clover for 100 chapters straight. This milestone couldn't have been achieved if it weren't for our readers and our staff at Jaimini’s Box scans. We have been working tirelessly every week to release Black Clover for almost 2 years now. And now that we have reached this momentous chapter count, it does nothing but motivate us to work harder on our favorite manga.

With this achievement, we have decided to add a Status page for our projects! You will be able to see the status of all the manga we work on and see the progress made! Check the information bar on the top of the website for “Status”. We are still updating and fixing some bugs, but you should be able to follow progress of your favorite manga every week!

We would also like to thank you for the awesome support we have received for the Pilot projects the team worked on. That is, the first chapter of almost all the 6 new Jump series released in Japan.

(We will release Robot x Laserbeam when it’s out). Because of the amazing reception for “We Can’t Study (We Never Learn), we decided to do a poll and we picked it up!

Out of the 6 series, we have picked up:

  • We Can’t Study (We Never Learn): We had a poll for this.
  • Dr. Stone: This series was selected as soon as it was announced.
  • Hungry Marie: This series was selected as soon as it was announced.

We will decide about the last series (Robot x Laserbeam) when it gets released.

(Please note that for all the other series, we will release the first chapter only! A.K.A they are dropped, not like we picked them up officially anyway).

If you would like to help us out for faster releases and are experienced in redrawing and/or cleaning magazines, please consider joining us! Email us: [email protected]