Black Clover Jump Festa OVA!

Thu May 4, 2017 by Yunomi

After 2 years of scanlating Black Clover and going through the hurdles of trying to improve and grow, we finally get to see Tabata Yuuki’s manga series (Black Clover) getting an OVA! As a team that’s been working on this project for so long, we feel extremely happy that this is happening.

We can't describe how great it feels watching the first chapter get animated, and more so, how great Tabata Sensei must be feeling right now watching something that he created coming on to life!

Since we got a bit excited watching the new Black Clover OVA in Japanese. We decided to share it by releasing the Black Clover Jump Festa OVA subbed in English! (This is a one-time thing).

Thank you, to fuegoleonvermilion ( for providing the RAW video, and g_i_a & k3y for Editing the rest!


KEY: !KRql8H-tAWMFdfBK8jrTQmV4kmHpG-EY0u_mmlLPR4M

You can watch the video: