Farewell, Uratarou!

Sat Sep 30, 2017 by Yunomi


I am Kafrizzle, the main translator for Uratarou. As many of you know by now, Uratarou was axed and ended at chapter 50. After 50 chapters we finally finished Uratarou's wild ride.

Uratarou was the first series that I translated, and it all happened when boss asked if anyone wanted to translate it (when it was around 4 chapters out). Seeing no takers I took it on a whim and oh boy, it was really a bad series to start of with. For those who were there early on, might remembered how I messed up the translation and the story, causing confusion among you guys. It was really hectic the first few chapters but I think I have gotten better(?) over the year. One thing that always bothered me is the amount of "death puns" in this series, most common being changing "desu" to "death" and many more.

In the end of 50 chapters, we still didn't know what the hell happened to dog boi, tengu-man, loli empress and others I might've forgotten. But at least in the end Chiyo did "kill" Uratarou so that's cool.

For any readers that is into Nakayama Atsushi's work can check on a series called Nejimaki Kagyu, it's another of his series and there's a great group that is actively pumping the chapters! But as for now, rest in peace Uratarou, you were the first series I completed and the high speed plot advancement I won't ever forget.

~ Kafrizzle