Vote! It's your responsibility (Weekly voting) [week of 11/09]

Mon Sep 10, 2018 by j626

We, in cooperation with the WSJ discord server, have decided to host a Weekly Shounen Jump poll. Readers will be able to vote for their 3 most favorite chapters from the weekly magazine every week!
The poll will be published Monday every week, after the chapters get released in English on Jaiminisbox, WSJ discord and r/manga. The voting system will be almost the same as the postcard system on the WSJ magazine, where readers can vote for their 3 most favorite chapters of that issue.

We would like to kindly remind every voter that this poll is a chapter driven poll and not a series one, meaning that you are supposed to vote your favorite chapters on the issue and not the favorite series.

The results will be published every friday here and on r/manga.

Vote for your top three chapters from the past week!

Your favourite chapter
Your second favourite chapter
Your third favourite chapter