Poll results [week of 11/09]

When we had the idea for the poll, no one was expecting more than 300 votes. First of all ,we want to thank you all because the poll actually got more than 4000 votes. The initial idea was to just do a poll weekly where the readers can vote the series they liked the most for the week .We would like to give back to the community and as a thank you with the poll from now on we will also be including the author comments. Also for anyone confused the little numbers on the left side of the series are the number of votes each series got. We hope that the interest will continue being this big, see you all next week.

Vote! It's your responsibility (Weekly voting) [week of 11/09]

We, in cooperation with the WSJ discord server, have decided to host a Weekly Shounen Jump poll. Readers will be able to vote for their 3 most favorite chapters from the weekly magazine every week! The poll will be published Monday every week, after the chapters get released in English on Jaiminisbox, WSJ discord and r/manga. The voting system will be almost the same as the postcard system on the WSJ magazine, where readers can vote for their 3 most favorite chapters of that issue. We would like to kindly remind every voter that this poll is a chapter driven poll and not a series one, meaning that you are supposed to vote your favorite chapters on the issue and not the favorite series. The results will be published every friday here and on r/manga. [open the post to vote]

Farewell - Tokyo Ghoul:re...

It's been a long and Wild ride working on this series, for all of us at Jaiminis Box! But all good things come to an end. Please enjoy the last chapter for TG:re!