New Discord Chat!

As you can see, we've replaced the Chatango chat with a Discord server! Please do join us there... We will be able to answer most of your questions regarding the team, our projects and their status, but please do read the rules posted there!

Black Clover Jump Festa OVA!

After 2 years of scanlating Black Clover and going through the hurdles of trying to improve and grow, we finally get to see Tabata Yuuki’s manga series (Black Clover) getting an OVA! As a team that’s been working on this project for so long, we feel extremely happy that this is happening. Thank you, to fuegoleonvermilion ( for providing the RAW video, and g_i_a & k3y for Editing the rest! Open Post to watch the OVA! or Download it!

100 Chapters of Black Clover released!​

You, yes you! We want to thank you for sticking with us through this humble journey of scanlating Black Clover for 100 chapters straight. This milestone couldn't have been achieved if it weren't for our readers and our staff at Jaimini’s Box scans. We have been working tirelessly every week to release Black Clover for almost 2 years now. And now that we have reached this momentous chapter count, it does nothing but motivate us to work harder on our favorite manga.

With this achievement, we have decided to add a Status page for our projects!