We are being Blackmailed!?!

So, this is the 27th time we have received threating emails from “Fanatic Fans” that want us to stop scanlating or drop manga, else they will release private information (Which is always fake).

We always record what emails we use to communicate with our fans and different groups (we use multiple alias emails), as we are extremely keen on personal/member security. Hence, we usually always know who is threatening us. All emails we receive that threat us are IP tracked, and any information that is included is analyzed to find out where the leak happened...

The Ins and Out

So J626 asked me to write something for this without giving me a topic or a prompt. He's a funny guy, isn't he? Ah... let me grab the soap box, then...

Happy Holidays!

The whole team at Jaimini’s Box scans, wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Consider Twin Star Exorcist Ch.37 as a Christmas present from us!

Throughout this whole year, we have been working hard to scanlate our favorite manga. Thanks to your support, we have always been on top of our game.

This new year, we plan to do no less! Since we have completely scanlated Red Sprite, we plan to pick up some exciting projects our members voted on! We should start releasing then early January (or late January). 

We have also started to catch up to Birdmen (we have released up till volume 7!) and plan to continue to release the remaining chapters. We also plan to release Mononofu chapter 19 on January 1st, and then release the other chapters slowly. We are still recovering from our loss, as you can read from our previous post.

If you have any questions or concerns, just leave them in the chat below.

Thank you for reading!