New Look and Updates

Hello readers!

As you can see, we have updated our website, Hooray! Our members have been hard at work trying to redesign and reinvent our public image and how we interact with you. Since we want to grow with a clearer purpose, we have decided to use this post to tie loose ends, and further explain what you can expect from our team.

This post will address the new update we are carrying out on our website and to our team. We want to let our readers know the status of our team, what we will do with some of our old projects we haven’t updated for a while, and what we have in plan for the future of Jaimini’s Box!

Let’s address our past first… You may have seen, being an avid fan of our projects, we stopped posting updates for quite a few manga we used to work on. Well, basically there were a multitude of reasons we couldn’t carry them anymore. These range from members disappearing on us, and purging our Dropbox, to no one willing to work on the project. The main projects we would like to address are:

Mononofu:  We had a member that decided to purge our joint Dropbox folder before disappearing. Because of that we lost all our work, and had no backup.

(Update: One of the members had an old backup but isn’t sure if it contains the folder. IF it does, we will try to roll out an update ever so often, but consider Mononofu not part of our manga lineup.)

Birdmen: We had the same problem Mononofu had, with this manga. But thankfully one of our members had the backup so we only lost no more than 50% of our work. Because of this major setback, we will try to roll out chapters as soon as we can, but they will be slow.