Final Farewell to Scanlation
We may be retiring but we’re still around!

07 Sep 2020 - By Jaimini's Box Team~

Jaiminis Box started off as a very small team in mid 2015, scanlating Black Clover using Microsoft Paint. Over the months, more talented people Joined, and teams merged (Oni-Scans) changing the landscape and identity into what we are today. You may be wondering what’s happening with us, what happened to the beloved JB site…

As you may have noticed, Jaiminis Box has been scaling down quite a bit over the past months. We dropped the WSJ series, and removed all our non-active series from our Server. This was in part because of our servers having problems, and then out of respect for the changing industry, and M+ taking the mantle of sharing localizations of Jump series.

Today we regret to announce the Box is being taped up and is being shipped to Manga Heaven. We are closing down operations on Jaiminis Box.

This has been a very hard decision to make, but ultimately the reality is, most of our members are in their early/mid 20’s and have lives to deal with. Due to COVID, a lot of members have taken full time Jobs to support their families, and cannot support their hobbies anymore. Behind the scenes of releasing series weekly, working on multiple series at once and managing everything as if it were a Job, all our members naturally became friends. Working the long hours towards a common goal was thrilling and made us all feel great, but as life is, all good things come to an end. All of us have to stop one day, and today is the day we’ve decided to take our gloves off and move on.

Jaiminis Box has been operating from 2015 - 2020, a solid 5 years. This is essentially a quarter of our current lives spent working together as a team, as a tight knit family. To us, this was time very well spent. We made a lot of connections, interacted with over 500 unique team members, trained over 300 people in Typesetting, Redrawing and Cleaning, nurturing the next generations of scanlators. We started from the bottom, and became one of the most historic third generation Scanlation teams in the history of Scanlation. We went from being a team of nobodies, to a team well respected by both peers and foes alike.

As all good things must come to an end, we wish all our members the very best in life! This is not exactly a final goodbye, all our members are more than welcome to stick around on our Discord server and Slack!


We will be modifying our Discord server to become more of a General Scanlation/Series Ping server where everyone is welcome! You all are more than welcome to come hang out!

Regarding all the series we’ve worked on, and all the chapters we’ve released, we ask all Aggregate sites (for profit, or Non-profit) to kindly remove them, and not add them to their sites.

15000+Man Hours

Jaimini's Box ✱ 04/05/2015 † 09/07/2020

Contact us: [email protected]

Are you an old member? You can Email us on: [email protected] or contact us on our Discord server!