Jaimini's Box

Dr. Stone

Author: Inagaki Riichirou
Artist: BOICHI
Synopsis: Taiju is a man-beast with a heart of gold, looking to confess to his crush of five years. Senkuu is a genius and chemistry prodigy who's Taiju's back for a long time. Just as Taiju was to confess to his love, a great disaster occurred. Every living human and bird in the world were suddenly coated in a stiff layer of stone which inhibited all sorts of movement, but still kept them alive. Jump 3700 years forward in time, and Senkuu had finally cracked out of his petrification. Six months afterwards, Taiju did the same. Now the two friends live in a completely different world taken over by wild animals and vegetation. Senkuu has one goal in his mind, and that is to bring back civilization, and with his brains, and Taiju's beastly endurance and strength, the sky is the limit. - TheEpicLotfi
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